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Classic Spaceship Station


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Hi Lego fans! I'm back with this new lego project that I've been working for some weeks : Spaceship Station. This proejct consists of a huge lego spaceship and a base wich is composed of the floor and the tiny station, in which you can place two lego figures. This set is built with 502 lego bricks exactly.

The Spaceship : see blueprint for the top view, front view, ... It's made with 347 pieces and is big enough to place one lego figure at the front of the spaceship and two inside. This model is connected to the base by a pieces that you can rotate in order to play with it!

The station is build with 155 pieces.

Which softwares did I used for creating and rendering all my projects?

I use several softwares like LDD imported in Mecabricks for creating the lego project. And then I use Blender (using Mecabricks template) for rendering it, adding material on lego pieces and creating the background!

The goal of this set is to create a realistic Space station, with lego figures, in order to complete a space collection!

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