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Soyuz-U Rocket


Soyuz-U Launch Vehicle (LV) is an improved version of the original Soyuz LV. The Soyuz-U was introduced in 1973 and is still in use today. This rocket was used in the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project in 1975, in the Salyut Space Station Program and for the launch of Soyuz and Progress spacecraft to the International Space Station in recent years. The Soyuz-U has a height of 51 meters, a weight of 313,000 kilogram and two stages.

This Lego model of the Soyuz-U was built with 250 bricks, the two stages can be separated. It is also part of my Soyuz Spacecraft and Rocket project (, but I think it deserves a separated set because the rocket is beautiful and very complex. Also, probably the Soyuz-U was the inspiration for the famous Kerbal X of Kerbal Space Program, because both are very similar rockets, so the Soyuz U rocket could be a great addition to the collection of Kerbal Space fans.

This model is the perfect companion for my Lego Ideas Apollo-Soyuz Mission Project ( that includes a Soyuz 19 spacecraft and an Apollo CSM spacecraft with docking module at minifg scale, because the Soyuz-U rocket was the launch vehicle for the Soyuz 19 spacecraft.

The project also includes 2 minifigs of cosmonauts.

Total brick count 260 pcs.

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