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Bluey's Family Home


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Bluey, the Australian cartoon series that tells the tale of an everyday family with big imaginations and bigger hearts. Bluey continues to win awards, break records and make us all smile.

Children and parents all over the world have fallen in love with Bluey and this LEGO Idea recreates their family home, where the majority of Bluey's adventures take place, so families can play their favourite games with Bandit, Chili, Bingo and Bluey, such as keepy-uppy, Magic Xylophone, Mount Mumanddad,  Fairies, and more.

If you haven't yet watched Bluey, then imagine everything that LEGO represents; beautiful imagination, creativity, play, lighthearted fun, the magic of childhood and wholesome family values and you've probaby got just the right idea. It's a wondrous show that parents and children want to watch again and again together. Once the TV is off this set would provide everything they need to continue those adventures together. It's a pefect set right?

Presently, this set has ~900 pieces and depicts the front yard and a small slice of the family home (itself basic on classic Queenslander homes) Ideally it would include the family living area and a backyard as well, for even more adventures and the occasional family barbeque. - I'll update the house to include those areas as the project progresses.

Bluey, a model built because my family and I love the show. Because it reflects our family and the games we play; and because we'd love to have official minifigures to share and play those games with.
And if you've already watched Bluey, you probably do too, right?

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