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Northern Watchtower

Story: Lost in the northern countries, this tower is the last remnant of a formerly large outpost long time forgotten.

Harsh winters have eroded most of the structure and only the central watchtower remains standing.
It is now maintained by a few courageous sentries.

Build: The tower is built in 3 parts:
  • The ground floor, dedicated to material storage. It is protected by a heavy wood door.
  • The first floor, providing a rest place to sentries with beds
  • The last floor, to supervise the area

The old outpost area is composed of:
  • Gate ruins
  • A broken cart
  • Ruins of enclosure wall
  • A frozen lake
  • A tree
  • 3 minifigures complete the set: 3 sentries with cloak.

Width: 27.2
Length: 30.4
Height: 33.3

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