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The Phantom Of The Castle


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On the outskirts of the city lies an old castle. It is tended by two ancestors of Knight Percival Carter. They visit the castle once in a while. It seems… They are siblings who fight for right and order in their city. Heroes without special strengths. But wit and skills.

A castle with a big secret. Is there just one phantom or… Join Percy and Paula Carters adventures…

This castle comes with a lot of hidden passageways. Uppermost a secret lift (elevator) from the main hall to the secret underground. A cave full of equipment and gadgets.


  • a lift disguised as a chimney to get to the secret cave or upper floor

  • a wall of shields – by rotating it the lift moves up and down
  • a light brick which helps to disguise the chimney – triggered on the outside wall
  • a secret wide doorway for the phantom’s car
  • a trapdoor in the yard – with a spiderweb beneath to scare away unwanted intruders
  • a trapdoor behind the castles main entrance to catch unwanted visitors and thieves
  • a wall with electronical equipment
  • a backsliding wall full of gadgets (tools, body amour)
  • a robot hidden in a tree
  • a drawbridge over a nice moat
  • a transformable car full of surprising gadgets (like extendable jet propulsion, ram, drone…)
  • 5 minifigures (Percy, Paula, a thief and two knights)

Kids and adults love castles. They love heroes. And they love to explore things like secret passageways within Lego-builds. So this castle is a nice combination of all of that.


When I was about ten years old, I already made that build. Then it was a villa on a rock. The lift was disguised as a wardrobe. :) About twenty-five years later I build it again. This time the lift is disguised as a chimney. I did a lot of new features. I am sure that kids AND adults would have fun building it. Playing with it will be as much fun because of the various features.


I hope you enjoy them all!


Note: All characters are fictional and are not related to any real person. The names Percival, Percy and Paula Carter have the same Initials as the “Phantom of the castle” (PC).

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