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Classic Space Rescue Mission

The last mission of the minifigurekind has been failed. Their mission was to discover a new planet named Classica. This planet has a sand-like soil. Plants and animals abound on the planet.

A team of the bravest astronauts are there to rescue the remaining members of the previous mission. The team is led by Commander Studiverse, one of the greatest astronauts alive. The rover of the team is packed with a lot of supplies and equipment. On the planet, they find colourful alien plants, sandy and shiny rocks and a mysterious golden monolith. Unfortunately, the only sign of the last expedition is one of their members. She is now a skeleton.

  • The rover has a removable cockpit windshield, and the back door opens.
  • The legendary classic space logo appears on the suits of the minifigures, on the toolbox and on the top of the vehicle. It could be placed also on the sides of it.
  • The set includes approximately 900 individual LEGO pieces. Three 2x2 golden LEGO bricks are included.
  • The set features four minifigures: Commander Studiverse, two astronouts, and a classic space minifigure. (Please note! Originally, I would like a black or silver classic space figure to be included, but I don’t have one.)
  • The rover is 19,7 cm long, 10,6 cm wide and 12,4 cm high.
  • The rock with alien bush and other vegetation is 8 cm long, 8 cm wide and 6,7 cm high.
  • The monolith rock is 8 cm long, 8 cm wide and 8,3 cm high.

What do you think, what has happened on Classica? Let’s find out together! If you like this idea, please support this project. Thank you! This project is dedicated to the enthusiasts of the evergreen LEGO Space theme, and all fans of the plastic bricks.

About the creator:

I am a 30 years old, lifelong LEGO fan from Hungary. My first sets were 325 and 525. I have built layouts, dioramas and vignettes since 2010. I like to build alone and together with adults or children. My favourite teams are Harry Potter and Ideas, but I collect sets from other themes too.

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