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Mountain Refuge

Hello, world!

My passion for the mountains strikes back! :)

Once more, I'm trying to give a physical consistency to my ideas and, for this theme, I'm also trying to go even more deep in the typical aspects of the "wild". This Mountain Refuge is designed to host two or three people and the idea comes from my past experience as trekker and from my love for this kind of lifestyle.

At the beginning, my main goal was to try to realize horizontal wooden logs and, to acheive that result, I tried to use basic SNOT techniques, both because I really have little skills/experiences with them and because I'm fascinated by the results I see in other people's creations. Starting from that idea, I've built the walls (several times and several tries after the beginning) and then I've tried to build a roof with intercalated tiles, using different lenghts to represent an irregular wooden planks pattern.

In my simple thought, I've not much more to say about the origin of the idea. :)

Here, I preferred to decorate the external, so the internal room is not so much detailed; the roof can be easily removed to allow access on the room, in which we can find a couple of simple radiators, a sofa, a chair, two abat-jour and a small table; no painting on the walls, no kitchen, no fireplace but, in its place, simple radiators and, eventually, some drawer for emergency food storage.
Actually, the refuge must be... a refuge! :)

As it is, the project counts 1771 bricks.

So, as you can see in the pictures below, I'll use this refuge to enrich my mountain diorama and to give another little piece of "imaginary world".

I hope you like it and, mostly, I hope this idea can take part in making other ideas, in other people's imagination.

Thanks for your interest in this project and for reading this description.

Have nice Lego-days and May the Force be with You!!

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