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The Broker's Desk


Meet Brad The Broker. Brad is so hard working because he comes in at 5am each day. Here is his desk. He puts his briefcase down, grabs his note pad and is ready for his first clients of the day. 

No broker’s desk is real without the iconic gold and green Banker’s Desk Lamp, computer monitors, multiple world-wide clocks, crawling stock ticker, and a whiteboard to help him strategize. He protects the cash and gold his clients give him with a strong and sturdy safe located behind him. There’s so much cash and gold bars, that he has to stack it on top of the safe while some cash falls to the floor.

Brad needs all the luck he can get when investing. So, he has his crystal ball to predict the future and a Magic Eight Ball to help with difficult decisions. Brad even has a dart board where darts land on “buy, hold and sell.” He has a fondness for Chinese Lucky Bamboo; as it can bring good fortune to his desk. Behind Brad you’ll see his most prized good luck charm: an antique stock ticker tape machine. As you can see, Brad isn’t afraid to show off his collection of finance tools; even when clients come.

After a long day when Brad needs a late afternoon jolt of energy, he enjoys his Buzz Cola.

This makes a great Lego display piece on a standard 16x16 plate. Surprisingly, I was able to find actual lego pieces to create the needed desk items. Kids will love it because of the mini figures and unique items.

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