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Zion Memorial Hospital

What is it?

William Zion Memorial Hospital is a general hospital with four stories. The first floor is the emergency department, but it is only for ambulances with patients in critical conditions. The second floor is also part of the emergency department, however, this part of the department is designed for walk-in emergencies. The third floor is for post-surgery recovery and short/long-term care. The fourth floor has two helipads, an operating room (OR), and the OR can be reconfigured into an ICU (Intensive Care Unit). This set will include 3 ambulances and a helicopter which are all equipped with stretchers.
First Floor - Emergency Department (ambulances only).
  • 2 critical care rooms
  • 2 Intensive care units
  • 1 trauma bay - emergency surgery performed here
  • Ambulance bay
  • Refill station for ambulances

Second Floor - Emergency Department (walk-ins and civilians only).
  • 4 treatment rooms
  • Sign in/sign out and information counter
  • Waiting room
Third Floor - Post-surgery Recovery, Short/Long-Term Care.
  • 8 rooms
  • 4 post-surgery recovery
  • 3 short/long-term care
  • Medicine and supplies room
  • Outdoor terrace with bar table and ping-pong table
Fourth Floor - Surgery, ICU, and Helicopter Transport.
  • 2 helipads for small and large helicopters
  • Operating room which can be converted into ICU
  • 7 patients, 5 gurneys maximum 
  • Surgical monitors and equipment
  • Antennas - hospital communication
A phenomenal idea in the making?
There is a wide array of things that one can do with the William Zion Memorial Hospital. I use it as a piece of decoration in my room, and it stands next to a photo and a couple of trophies on my shelf. I like looking at it every day because I always spot something that could be improved. I also enjoy interacting with this build because I can use it to stage different scenes from time to time. For example, I created a scene where ambulances dropped off patients or hospital visitors playing ping pong on the third-floor terrace. 

William Zion Memorial Hospital has lots of details. Each treatment room has a Gurney, monitor(s) - depending on the type of treatment room, medicine, supply, and resuscitating instruments.
The design is versatile. I can add more details to the treatment rooms, vehicles, and aircraft. Although, the structure of the hospital cannot be redesigned too much, the vehicles and aircraft can. 
For more experienced LEGO fans, the ambulance and the helicopter can be built using LEGO Technic to ensure a challenging and exciting experience. The dimensions of the hospital can be adjusted so that the vehicles fit. For our newer LEGO fans, do not fret because this set can be built with just the original LEGO blocks and the level of detail can also be adjusted to fit the level of LEGO fans!

When I build LEGO, I always have two guiding principles. First, the design has to be aesthetically pleasing so that it can be a piece of decoration in a room. Second, the set needs to be interactive. I hope I have met these two principles, and I will let my to-be supporters decide!

If you like this build, please consider leaving me some constructive feedback in the comments if that's allowed so that I can hopefully improve on my future submissions to LEGO Ideas!

If you loved this project, please consider supporting it, it's only one short "click," YOU will have made someone's day, and tell anyone on your contacts list about this.

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