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The Pirates' Inn


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Does a Bluecoat always have to gnaw on a slice of stale bread on the hold of a ship?

Why would a pirate’s best accommodation option be a cold & distant cave by the shore?

And what’s the exact date when lice became the closest friend of a merchant travelling in desolate lands?

Well, the answer for all comes from a 3in1 solution aimed to serve all in the World of Pirates: The Pirates’ Inn.

The inn keeper, his wife and their son, a wannabe pirate for life are all there to welcome you all; whether you are a pirate, a bluecoat or a merchant!

The Pirates’ Inn is a hotpoint in the brick seas, providing tasty food, decent accommodation and hospitality. You can also pay the inn keeper to throw parties in the balcony of this two-storey inn.

As for the technical details, the piece count for The Pirates’ Inn is ≈2100, including the building itself, minifig utensils, trees, plants, rocks and landscape. It is 32 studs wide and 22/16 studs deep.

The Pirates’ Inn hosts a total of 7 minifigs, 2 pigs, 1 parrot, 1 monkey and 1 horse cart.   

Hope to see you all somewhere down the road!!!


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