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The Dragon Knight’s Harbour

Welcome to the Dragon Knight’s Harbour! A place where all your medieval-themed ships can dock and unload their most valuable cargo. Be careful, beware of the Dragon Knights soldiers, who are led by the dreaded Captain Quirrell and his wife Lady Lou, they will steal your food and your weapons if you do not give them some coins to access the harbour facilities.

I am very pleased to present you my first attempt at Lego Ideas. My project is inspired by the most beautiful buildings of medieval times and is the result of long hours of thinking and brick assembling. The model is 13 inches long, 7 inches wide, 12 inches height and made of about 2600 bricks. It consists of a modular 3-floor building and the Dragon Knight’s Drakkar, a small vessel dedicated to transporting goods. The building is mounted on a large wharf, onto which the goods can be unloaded using a rotating crane. It is decorated with period architectural details, flowers and climbing vegetation. The model includes 6 minifigs in the colours of the Kingdoms Dragon Knights theme.

The building’s floor are as follows:
The first floor is the Harbour Captain’s Office with a period piece of furniture dedicated to navigation tools (map, terrestrial globe, compass) and a small dining room. The second floor consists of an armory with weapons and a fireplace as well as a balcony on which a functional crane is mounted. The third floor is the Captain and Lady Lou’s room with 1 bed, 2 nightstands, a chamber pot and some miscellaneous objects.

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