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Wasp Island


This set is basically a "floating" island with a tree and giant wasps on it. There is an extra island with a smaller tree on it (as seen in picture nr. 2). Also there are 2 wasps in total, a small wasp (picture 3) and a giant wasp (picture 1, 4 & 5). The giant wasp is fully articulated as seen in picture 4 & 5. At last there are two little custom plants with a tiny waterfall on the side of the island.

I think this could be a nice lego set, because it is unique (as far as I know) and you can present it very well, so for example it could be a cool decoration in your room.

The set has about 800 pieces.

I have built this set because I think it'd be cool to build a series of diffrently themed islands, that look similar in some kind, so they are consistent, but still are diffrent.



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