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The Lambda House

The name of the house is inspired by the roof’s shape similar to the Greek word “λ”.

The exterior is polygonal. There are lots of solar panels on the roof-top, which can provide some green electrical energy for usage during the day. At the front door, there is a mini-garden and mailbox. It is 3-floors high. The ground floor includes an open and fully equipped kitchen. The dining area and the living area are just nearby. Close to front door is a guest washroom and the other side is a storeroom. Just outside the backdoor located the BBQ cart and washing machine. The staircase area connected to the second floor is surrounded by large glass panels. One can enjoy the scenic view from inside. Also, there are some art painting collections hang on the concrete wall.

For the second floor, the first area is the working area with a desktop. Behind this will be the master bedroom with individual washroom where there is bathing facility inside. Just outside the master room to the open area is the extended balcony. One can enjoy exploring the galaxy view at night on one side whereas enjoying the sunbathing moment on the other. Further in beyond the working area will be reading corner and another staircase connected to the third floor through a sliding roof type door - the children’s bedroom. There are two beds located opposite to each other and a big desk is in the middle with computers installed. No worry about the security as there are CCTVs everywhere with no blind spots. 

The house is located in remote deep mountain forest area and of course the perfect transport will be a luxury 4X4 which is included in the set. For kids, a bike and a scooter will be their favourites. The house is ideally for mountain sport lovers.

Lysander Chau

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