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The LED Mirage - The Five Star Stories


This is a robot in a Japanese comics called The Five Star Stories. This story is about the kingdoms and empires in 5 galaxies. In the story world, the robot is controlled by 2 people. The main pilot is a knight, to control the action. And an assistant pilot is a humanoid creatures called Fatima. Fatima has same look with human but thinner. She can communicate with the robot directly through the crystal in her head (normally they are in female). Fatima mainly control the balance, power and calculation of the robot.

The LED Mirage is a main robot of AKD empire in the story. The iconic horn in the head is a high heat blade. Normal with laser sword or solid sword.

I like the robot design in this story very much. I think it will be great if I can put one in my living room for display. Of course, there are display model in toy market I can buy, but nothing better than I build one myself.

Since I want to show more details of the robot shape, the bigger size is much better. And I chose to use double solid swords in this LEGO build.

I share my idea here and hope it can be a LEGO product someday. Thanks!

Total 1,238 bricks.




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