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Step by Step


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I am a fan of "LEGO" and the American TV sitcom "Step by Step". And this is what it looks like when it comes together.

 I missed this kit in my favorite sitcom collection.

 One thing surprised me. I had no idea how much fun it would be to work on the design of this sitcom. It's like taking on the roles of individual family members. As a "little" director.

 The set includes 2 rooms. Kitchen and living room. A full refrigerator cannot be missing in the kitchen. The refrigerator in the series is opened as often as the door to the house.

 The life of the Lambert and Foster family took place in this house. Part of the life of real actors, series characters and now also as LEGO minifigures.

 The set includes 9 minifigures. Frank Lambert, Carol Foster, Dana Foster, J.T. Lambert, Karen Foster, Al Lambert, Mark Foster, Brendan Lambert and Cody Lambert.

 Each character lives their own life and together they form a family.

 Frank can fix anything.
 Carol prepares food for the family.
 Dana devotes herself to studying and reading.
 J. T. he's a bum.
 Karen makes sure she always looks beautiful.
 Al likes sports.
 Mark is a little scientist
 Brendan is a child who plays.
 Cody is Cody. He's a jokester.

 The kit is very flexible. Minifigures can watch TV. Have lunch together in the kitchen. Getting ready for school and work. They can talk together. They can read. Play with toys or a balloon. Or they can go to the fridge for something good.

  With this kit, you can go back to the house of the Lambert and Foster families and have a lot of fun, or just display it in your room at home.

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