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This set is based on Terraria, a sandbox video game similar to Minecraft.  I have included 3 models depicting the Terraria world and its characters.  Terraria is a game full of action, adventure, and creativity.  I found building this world out of LEGOs just as fun!

                The large Terraria world includes the ocean, the desert , the Dungeon, the purity, snow biome,  the Crimson, and the Jungle.  Some of the characters and monsters are the shark, mummy, zombie, demolitionist, wizard, the Goblin Army, Ice Golem, face monster, hornet, Golem, and of course your player! Details such as the abandoned mine shaft, demon alter, Plantera’s bulb, jungle spores, urns, and the beehive can be found hidden throughout this vast Terraria world.

                The smaller set reveals a narrower view into the Terraria World.  It goes deeper underground than the larger set, exposing the small caves.  You can also build the sky, unlike in the big world.  I envision people buying more than one of this set and connecting them together to make a more exciting version.

                Finally, I have created a pixelated portrait of your player wearing frost armor.  This is modeled after the cover for Terraria pocket edition.

                So if you like to battle, mine, or explore in Terraria, you’ll love to build your own model out of LEGOs! :D

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