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Surfing Cabin

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This is the surfer cabin. Where surfers Jane and Jack are on vacation hitting the waves daily and soaking up that good sun. It is a modular building with a kitchen and table on the first level with a bedroom, bathtub and living room on the second level with a TV, remote, movies, chairs and a lamp. There is a trans blue water and a wave where you can put these surfers on so you can display them surfing or you can have them kicking back in their beach front property watching TV. There are some beach side wild live enjoying the sun, like star fish, crabs and sea gulls. I built this on LEGO digital designer and this is the only background with sand and I wanted to put my model in a sandy beach background but there wasn't one so I just took a picture in the building mode. 

I built this because, I was watching a surfing movie and was thinking of Tofino and was inspired to make a surfing LEGO set that you can actually display mini-figures on a wave surfing, which I have yet to see in LEGO so I thought I give it a whirl.

I believe this will make a great set because, there are not many beach front sets and there is not ones where you can display mini-figures surfing on a wave. 

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