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Help Huwbot come to life! is a popular LEGO fan website and database of LEGO sets at which members can record their own personal collections. Huwbot lives in the Brickset server and keeps things ticking over: performing background tasks, tidying up the database and selecting the random set of the day.

This model is the winner of the ‘Build Huwbot’ competition hosted by the site last year and is submitted to LEGO ideas with full permission of the site’s owner. He has the colours of the site’s menu bar on his sides, the site’s logo in his head, and large hands to grab the random set of the day.

The site’s readers have suggested that he has a particular liking for LEGO Clikits sets because he seems to pick a lot of them. The original design has a Clikits heart on his chest but as that’s an obsolete part we have used a 1x1 heart tile on the current version instead.

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