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The Art Kit


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Unlock your inner artist with The LEGO Art Kit! Now with PAINT TUBES!

The LEGO Art Kit is inspired by those packaged mini art studios I’d pass by while browsing in bookshops and craft stores. They act as a one stop shop for modeling, drawing, and displaying your artwork, and I’ve been fascinated with these kits since I was a child. And with LEGO mosaics and DOTS becoming staples of the LEGO market, I’m thrilled to bring the artist experience into the world of bricks.

The set includes a fully poseable model, with joints at the neck, stomach, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. The figure can be easily removed from its base and posed in a seated position as well. 

The artist pallet, adorned with splatters of paints, acts as a case for the many colorful 1x1 round tiles included with the set.

The 16x16 stud canvas can be attached to the adjustable easel with two studs, and the easel itself can be collapsed together for easy storage.

The kit includes a brick-build pencil and three brushes featuring differing weights and styles, such as the fan brush. Behind the display case for the brushes are extra bristles in many color variations, as well as storage for the eraser.

And once you’ve painted your canvas, you can remove it from the easel and slide it into the picture frame to properly display your masterpiece.

One of the most prominent features of LEGO is the balance of display and play, and I think I was able to replicate those elements in my design. The builds are reasonable in size and scope, and the experience of creating art can be explored by those who want to try their hand at mosaics. If not, there is still enough display qualities in the model, pallet, brushes, and frame that I believe the Art Kit would feel at home with the other “adult” models like the ship in a bottle flower bouquet.

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