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New Build

Here is a new, and I think, better build of Baymax. I have made changes to every part of Baymax. Let me know if you like this build better. Thanks.

Also, here is an example of what it would look like to add Hiro to Baymax's back. This is only an example. The figure would look like the one in the previous update in the final version.


And for those not familiar with the movie here is an image of Baymax:

Higher resolution photos are on Flickr:

I think they look a lot better. :)


Hiro from Big Hero 6

Introducing Hiro! Robotics engineer and boy genius.
Hiro thinks flying is awesome and with a very small change it is easy to have Hiro stand on Baymax's back and they can fly around San Fransokyo while thwarting the evil schemes of villains. There will be another update this week to illustrate this and to reveal the rebuilt and upgraded Baymax, so check back soon. Thanks TL for the awesome drawing! There are higher resolution photos on flickr:

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For another great design of Hiro and the rest of the gang check out ToaRickBrick's project:

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