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Spaceport 2036

A creative mix of traditional airports with exciting visions of a real world future. The possibilities are endless and offers LEGO City quality sets with a unique vision of the future.

Spaceport focuses of three main pillars of design. The first is a new vehicle based on the modern day fright train but with a fresh and solid take on what people think about space flight. The second is a focus on the interaction between the landing pad and economical process. With a universal lock system that works in a standard, but not uniform, way to lock a freight to the platform. The third and final thing is a story that includes real life economic senerios. The import and export of raw material, customs checks of passenger vehicles and freight items. Different freight corporations and passenger transportation services team together to solve problems in a realistic real world setting. A unified theme of teamwork and collaboration.

I personally think that this set has the possibility to teach about economics and inspire the next generation of builders to be unique and creative. All designs are subject to change and may be extended with complete and new companies that have drastically different designs from others.

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