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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial


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From all movies that have been shot in the history of cinema, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial is arguably one of the most classics. It's a movie everyone has seen at least once in their lives. So I believe it's time for a proper play/display set by LEGO. That's why I've created this entry.
E.T. is stuck on Earth and the government is after him! Phone home and drive him to his spaceship!
This set contains:
  • The spaceship
  1. You can lower the ramp for E.T. to stand on.
  2. You can open it up through the top. This way you access the research room where you can keep all sorts of plants and control the temperature via a panel.
  3. The spaceship makes for a beautiful display piece for everyone to recognize!
  • The van
  1. You can drive the van all around your house and escape with E.T. on board!
  2. You can access the van from the top, the doors at the back and the doors on the sides.
  3. The passage tube is attached to the roof and can easily be detached.
  4. The rings from the tube are interconnected with a flex tube which makes the whole thing wobbly. Perfect to recreate the iconic pursuit scene!
  5. You can place E.T. in the refrigerator box in the van.
  6. Two minifigures can sit in the front.

  • The forest
  1. Sneak into the forest to phone home!
  2. The forest is based on two connected platforms. These can be detached and rearranged any way you want.

  • Minifigures of all main characters are included: Elliott, Gertie, Mary, Michael, Keys and of course E.T. himself.

  • A bike for Elliott and E.T.
This model has been built with 1692 pieces.

Do you want this classic movie to become a true LEGO set for all to pick up? All you have to do is to click on the "Support" button!

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