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Martian Expedition


In the set there are:
One trailer and main tractor is divided into two parts: the laboratory and the main cabin of the driver.
There are many computers in the laboratory and there is still a server in which different information is stored.
In the second part there is a steering wheel behind which the driver is sitting, there is still a radar and much more.
In the trailer there are stocks of food and a different device.

In the set there are five minifigures of two scientists, two astronauts and one driver.

On the roof there are boxes of discovery.
Above the lab is a satellite that transmits information to the main database which I have not done yet. I want you to make a base help me to dial 100 SUPPORTERS and I will understand what you like. Let's turn to the satellite, it returns to 360 degrees and transmits information to many thousands of kilometers.

Why do I want to sell this set back to Lego very poorly-developed space sets of them very little.
I have everything.

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