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RMF-83 Swamp Dog


About This Project

This project is a mech that I made to be able to travel trough swampy terrain. That is why it has such large feet to spread out it's weight so that it doesn't sink and get stuck. The Swamp Dog is a two person mech. One pilot in the top cockpit who is responsible for movement and one engineer in the chest who maintains all of the systems. Also the engineer is in control of the secondary weapon systems and communications. The engineer is accessible through a panel on the back of the mech which opens up. On the chest of this mech it hides a rocket launching system with 16 barrels behind two armored panels which open just before firing. It's main weapons are it's large cannon and for melee it has a large battle axe in it's other hand. This mech's waist can spin 360 degrees and it has many points of articulation in the arms and legs. This mech is a heavily armored battle mech.

Play Features:

  • Cockpit open/closes and holds one minifigure.
  • Panel one the back opens to reveal the engineer and his computer station.
  • Two panels on the front can open/close to reveal the rocket launching system.
  • Battle axe can be taken out of his hand if needed.
  • Hand can hold a minifigure.
  • Waist can spin 360 degrees.
  • Arms and legs have high amount of articulation.


  • Two minifigures. One pilot and one engineer.
  • Giant battle axe.

This set is a mech I made for swampy terrain and I think it came together nicely. If you like it please support and share. Thank you.

Thank you for your support.


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