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Lego Masters Film Set

This MOC is a recreation of the film set of the Lego Masters U.S series, the creation includes all the walls, draws and containers of lego plus the minifigure wall, I have also built models for each of the three finalists teams builds. In addition to these the set comes with 9 minifigures, the top 3 finalists teams with hosts Will Arnett and Brickmasters Jamie and Amy.

I've built this set as Lego Masters has really given me inspiration and a big boost to wanting to create new things and be more creative then ever before, I have built this as a tribute to the show and the contestants who have really inspired me to take my building further then ever.

I believe this would made a great set as it will be a reminder of the first season of Lego Masters U.S and remind people of just how much fun & creativity was shown plus the amount inspiration that the Lego Masters show has had on lego fans and even those who aren't fans of lego.

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