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Arrow: Merlin Mansion


   Malcolm Merlin and Deadshot have kidnapped Laurel Lance and put her inside Merlin Mansion. But at the same time, they have filmed evidence of Arrow's identity and put on a disk in the safe. Will Arrow and John Diggle save Laurel and the disk? You decide!

   This is Merlin Mansion, my version of a villain hideout. I want to make it clear that this location does NOT appear in the Arrow TV series. It is actually something I made up. This set is 100% LEGO, with the exception of Deadshot's face. If this is made into a real LEGO set, Deadshot will have a printed LEGO head. Enough of that, on to the details!

Pic. 1:

The outside includes:

  • A fountain
  • 2 flower beds (on either side of the door steps)
  • Double doors
  • Detailed walls
  • Cracked walls
  • Vines on the walls
  • 4 windows (1 has hinges so Arrow can break through)
  • A chimney

Pic. 2:

The 1st floor includes:

  • A table with a cup on it
  • 2 chairs set around the table
  • 2 windows
  • Double doors
  • A chandelier
  • A white chair
  • A fireplace

 The 2nd floor includes:

  • A bed
  • 2 windows (1 that can break open, and 1 that is normal)
  • A desk with a newspaper on it
  • 2 chairs set around the desk
  • A secret door
  • A space for the Dark Archer costume and bow

The 3rd floor includes:

  • A safe with money and a disk in it
  • A table with a video camera and a computer
  • A chair
  • 3 weapons on display
  • A table with a bottle of poison and Deadshot's gun (This is a reference to how Deadshot puts poison on his bullets.)
  • A chimney (Has been removed)

Pic. 3:

The minifigures are:

  • Arrow


       A bow and arrow

       A rope that can clip on to his bow

  • John Diggle


       A gun

  • Laurel Lance



  • Malcolm Merlin


       A gun

  • Deadshot


       A sniper gun

  • Dark Archer Suit


       A bow and arrow

   Each floor can be separated, and the 3rd floor's roof can as well. The chandelier attached on the bottom of the 2nd floor can be taken off in case you want to play with the 2nd floor by itself. The top of the safe on the 3rd floor can also be separated.

    Please support so we can finally have an Arrow set!

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