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Crane's (Scarecrow's) Lab Escape: Facing Fear

This set should fit in the DC Superheroes line but as a rare Cuusoo product. It should cost about £10.

Scarecrow's Laboratory for Fear
This is a small set which I don't expect to go far but I hope people like it. It's a small experimenting room with a computer desk, a bed for experimenting, a canister of fear toxin Phone, a computer and a Arkham Asylum style Batman with a brown cowl. It includes Scarecrow with a injection syringe and Batman. I'll let you guys decide if you want the old or new variation. If it gets published I will make a poll in the comments section and you will make the decision.

Bat Jet Pack:

The Bat Jet Pack consist of just under 40 pieces and features Batman's stash of weapons from the Game Batman: Arkham Asylum. Featuring the Batclaw, Line Launcher, Grapnel Gun and my personal favourite is the Explosive Gel which is a revolver topped with a mini flick-fire missile. It will feature wings and a mechanism to make them flap and a big flame at the top.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a way for The jetpack to go on Batman's back but I'm sure LEGO will be clever once again and make that happen.

Apart from that I hope you like it!!!

Rear image of the set.

Aerial view of the set

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