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Instant Camera

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Revive your nostalgic side with this Instant Camera! With this set you won't just get a realistic life-size model of the Polaroid archetype, but also the opportunity to get creative with it! The camera and the blank photograph promise about 700 pieces of building fun and many additional 1x1 tiles in different colors for you to create your own artwork inside the blank frame.

- Once you "took your picture" you can even eject it from your instant camera using the shutter button.
- You can also open and close the flash compartment.
- The camera's corpus works as a little casket to store all the spare tiles until you need them for your next artwork. :)


I love Pixel Art, and I am fascinated by the things people create with it. For me personally, a canvas cannot be big enough, but the real challenge is to create something special in a compact size.
Photography follows a similar pattern: the ability to capture something amazing in color, proportion, contrast is much less difficult than to use the limitations of a frame to actually unfold the beauty of a scene. There is something true and honest about the Instant Camera. You have to carefully plan your shot and after taking the picture, you have to live with your mistakes. You have 6 to 12 shots per film, so you choose your motives carefully. It's that diligence, consideration and acceptance of imperfection that I sometimes miss in everyday life, but love about every creative process there is.
I love LEGO for the sheer endless possibilities to be creative and push your own boundaries of imagination and I love art for the same reason. For me, the best LEGO Sets are always those which inspire and/or invite you to get creative with them. So I wanted to create a set, that challenges a little creativity long after you are finished building it.

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