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Jaws : The Orca

Based on the famous Orca boat from JAWS.
I have always loved lego and  JAWS and felt it needed a good lego representation, this would sit nicely along side Ecto 1 and the delorian as it does on my shelf at home.

Not only does this set look awesome it has many operation features including;
- Engine bay
- Shark cage 
- Diving hooper with harpoon 
- Quint
- Brody 
- Lower deck 
- Fully operational winch

Whilst this isn’t the most accurate representation of the iconic boat it in my eyes represents a fun lego set that retains the characteristics without having to be an exact match.

This has been posted on here 2 years ago but the IP wasn’t allowed then, so here goes, third time lucky :) 

No fancy graphics or photo shop just a good old lego build.

Let’s see this built and find it’s place on everyone’s classic lego movie shelf!

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