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Polar Exploration Vessel

Hey guys, here my...POLAR EXPLORATION VESSEL! It’s a ship used for scientific research and the study of the 2 extremes of our wonderful planet: the north and south poles.
This ship is not based on any existing vessel and is dedicated only to the exploration of the poles. A very intricately designed model, it even includes a full interior, a helicopter, a seaplane, polar exploration vehicles, lifeboats, a crane and 9 polar explorers themselves (that are basically 9 orange 1*1 pieces).
The ship’s front and rear decks are the flight decks. The front one to be used when the seaplane is stowed on the rear deck. The superstructure has potholes on its sides and all the communication array on top. Inside, there is an engine room, laboratory/ medical room and the living quarters. The base plate is 20*30.
A pretty big and beautiful model, this ship is nothing like anything lego has built till now. I hope you liked it and will support this ship because we need all the power to break this ship out of the ice.

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