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Boeing CST-100 Starliner


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Hello Ladies and Gentlefigs!

today I bring you the Boeing Starliner capsule.
The Starliner is a reusable spacecraft designed to take astronauts to the international space station. Consisting of a crew capsule and a service module.
Its first planned launch is in 2022 on a mission to the ISS.
The Starliner is also to be the first American capsule to make a landing on dry land. Previous capsules landed in water (The Soviets, I might add, have always landed their capsule on dry land.)

For this build I chose to make the 5-seat version of the Starliner, as I just could not fit 7 mini figures into the build as the other version would require. Though I daresay the Boeing astronaut spacesuits lend themselves well to lego.

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