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New Brixico Medical Center


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Welcome to New Brixico’s Medical Center!

The city of New Brixico recently renovated its Emergency Treatment Center and expanded new functionality to include the following:
> In-Patient facilities with drawers, TV and Wi-Fi
> Greatly expanded Communications Array
> Fully mechanized staff including but not limited to:
o    Surgeons
o    Medbots
o    Chef
o    Secretary
>Working Elevator with ratchet system

> Cafeteria
> A hovercraft for those hard-to-get-to rescues
> Jet propelled Ambulance for improved emergency response
> Working X-Ray machine


This set was inspired by the aforementioned Emergency Treatment Center (Set 6380) and has been in development off and on for the last 3+ years.

The goal was to combine Classic Space elements into our family’s city (New Brixico City) as a renovated hospital.

I feel this would be a fantastic addition to any city as it
> Showcases technological advances amidst traditional architecture
> Has a unique and polished appearance
> Has clear ties to classic Space and City themes
> Is modular where the floors are removable (and sits well next to existing modular sets).
> Is open-backed for maximum playability
> Has very fun vehicles
> A lot of playable elements such as the elevator, sliding doors and robots

Overall this has been my most satisfying creation to date and is roughly 2,300 pieces.

Thanks for reading!

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