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The Dark Side of the Moon Prism (Pink Floyd)

Introducing the ultimate LEGO Idea for music and Pink Floyd enthusiasts: "Dark Side of the Moon prism LEGO Set"!

As a music lover I grew up with the music of Pink Floyd. The album "The Dark Side Of the Moon" made a mesmerizing impact to me and many. The album cover is a perfect example of simplicity and that makes it easy to design and build in Lego. So here it is, in 3 D

Immerse yourself in the iconic album by Pink Floyd with this meticulously crafted LEGO set that pays homage to the groundbreaking "The Dark Side of the Moon."

This LEGO Idea set is a true collector's item for Pink Floyd fans and LEGO enthusiasts alike. Discover the secrets of "Dark Side of the Moon" like never before and embark on a journey through music, space, and time.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring this legendary album to life in LEGO form. Support the " The Dark Side of the Moon prism LEGO Set" on LEGO Ideas and make this dream a reality. Shine on!

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