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Max Speed...

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Meet Max Speed...he's 'The Highways Hero!'
It is my dream to bring Max Speed into the homes of all our young people to help them learn and understand the importance of Road Safety.

Max will help children from the minute they start building him in LEGO, by enhancing their understanding of what road signs are and where you may expect to see them.

Children will engage with this likeable character who will encourage their interest in road safety and use Max Speed in role-play.

With your help, Max could become the face of road safety, with his high aspirations to one day have his own television series, where stories can be created to provide valuable road safety messages.

The Build
  • Max Speed Figure, complete with 12 snap on road signs. 277 pieces.

Please Support

Thank you for reading Max Speed's story, and please help his dream become reality by promoting him to reach 10,000 supporters at 'Maximum Speed' and sending him on his way to becoming a real LEGO idea!

Please also share this with your friends and family on social media.

Thank you for your support and keep safe!

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