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CLASSIC SPACE: The CometEx Explorer


This is the CLASSIC SPACE CometEx Explorer! :D :D This set is based off the old them, CLASSIC SPACE. :) The CometEx Explorer is an exploration ship used to explore all of those unknown planets. Going faster then the speed of light, this ship is a great choice for your classic minifigure's. :) Now lets go on to the picture's. :P :)

Picture 1. The CometEx Explorer. :)

Picture 2. A side view of the CometEx Explorer. :)

Picture 3. The back view of the CometEx Explorer. :) Right here is the back door where the vehicle and the crew can come out of. :) And the boosters are also located at the back here. :)

Picture 4. A top view of the CometEx explorer. :)

Picture 5. The bottom view of the CometEx Explorer. :)

Picture 6. Easy access to the inside of the CometEx Explorer. :)

Picture 7. A closer view of the drivers cockpit. :)

Picture 8. The shelf and drawers where the spacemen can keep their air tanks during flight. :) And right next to that is a metal detector, ( Probubly really useless in the world of LEGO. :P ) and three laser guns. :)

Picture 9. The seats for the Crew to sit at. :)

Picture 10. The little rover that is inside the CometEx Exsplorer. ( For all of those little expeditions. :P :) )

Picture 11. This little rover is equiped with every thing that you need for a little planet exsploration. :) It has your metal detector, a WalkyTalky, a bazooka, and an extra air tank if needed. :) ( This rover is based off of the CLASSIC SPACE set 6823 Surface Transport. It's just smaller, doesn't have the red piece, and has a WalkyTalky instead of a black pole. :) Just to let you know. :) )

Picture 12. Two spacemen putting the little rover back into the ship. :)

Picture 13. This set includes all of the spacemen colors. ( Except the green one, since that one is newer and I don't have the green spaceman and I still don't have the helmet for it. :P If I get it, I'll be sure to include it in an update. :) ) This set includes the white spaceman, the black spaceman, the red spaceman, the blue spaceman, and the yellow spaceman. :)

This set would be a great edition to any CLASSIC SPACE collection. :) Instructions will be made at request. :) Hope you like this and please support and share! :D :D :)


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The Rocket Booster:

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