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2020 C8 Corvette

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  • Realistic features including opening doors, hood, and trunk
  • Removable roof
  • Seats constructed from scuba tanks and flippers
  • An interior modeled after the actual car featuring a gas and break pedal, and rear-view mirror made from a mini figure skate
  • Four tail pipes that closely resemble the true tail pipes
  • Iconic headlights shaped from rubber bands


This scale model replicates many of the features that are true to the real car.  From the iconic headlights to the removable roof, this set makes a great display piece and is fun to play with.  The hood opens up to reveal a luggage storage space that can hold two pieces of luggage.  Forming the side air intakes, the door slant inward; to see inside these can swing open.  Since the Corvette C8 has made the revolutionary switch to a mid-engine, I made sure to design the vented viewing window on the back to allow a visual of the red painted engine block.  For a closer look, this opens up to reveal the inner working of the engine and has enough trunk space to fit the golf bag I designed.  Another feature that makes the true car so appealing is that all models have a removable roof. I made sure to include this with my model: enjoy the shape of the car with the top on or remove it to feel the wind in your hair.  On the inside, realistic seats can be found, in addition to a break and gas pedal, steering wheel, dash board, and iconic center-console controls.

Building Techniques:

To construct the unique headlights, I chose to use rubber bands stretched over a black brick.  Adding the blinkers to these, I placed orange mini figure flippers next to them.  The seats are constructed from scuba gear rather than the traditional tile technique often used - it uses both an oxygen tank and flipper to replicate the upholstery.  Forming the gas and break pedals, I used to different sized hammers and mounted them beneath the steering wheel.  The rear view mirror was made from a mini figure skate, while the buttons on the center console was made from two roller skates.  To replicate the piping around the engine block, I used a space blaster, a cowboy pistol, and a sausage.

Please support this to have a model of the true american sports car to display for yourself!

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