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Beach Huts


"Life takes you down many paths but my favourite ones lead to the beach"

Beach Huts are the perfect place to unwind in a busy world. In Lego form, these colourful huts give you a chance to relax even if you can't make it to the beach. As the builder, you can enjoy the experience of seeing the model come together one hut at a time!

The model:
> is built on a surface of 24x48 studs, so would fit well on a shelf.
> uses 2100 pieces.
> includes 9 minifigures.

Beach Huts offer more than just colourful exteriors! Remove the roofs and discover 5 unique interiors, all fully themed and decorated!

I wanted to make the model as customisable as possible, so I have designed the huts to be interchangeable meaning you can easily mix and match the buildings to your own taste and preference...
…And wouldn't it be cool to make an even longer line of beach huts, the possibilities are endless!

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