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Heroes of Olympus: The Hephestus Cabin


To begin with, for more information about the Heroes of Olympus book series, see my project, Heroes of Olympus: The Argo 2.  The Hephestus Cabin at Camp Half Blood is where the sons and daughters of Hephestus, the Greek god of fire and blacksmiths, reside and work on projects, gadgets and weapons for the rest of the camp.  The outside of this set includes three smokestacks, one door, windows, and movable gears along one side. Two hammers over the door mark this as the Hephestus Cabin.  This cabin has the unusual feature of being able to swing open from foundation to roofline.  This can be seen in the pictures.  This feature gives easier access to work on the interior.  The second floor/attic of the interior contains a table with a computer, a bench, cabinets with drawers, toolboxes, sacks of parts, chests, oil cans and boxes.  The first floor contains beds built into one wall, a worktable with a lamp and a pair of skates, a bin of nuts and bolts, crates of dynamite, and a welding torch.  This set includes 4 minifigures. (I gave myself a cameo appearance in this set starring as one of the minifigures.  Can you guess which one is me? Leave a comment to guess.)  Thanks for looking.  Please support! Adios Amigos!

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