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Shipwreck Island


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About This Project:

This project is a pirate shipwreck that they have built into the surrounding skull mountain which is a mine and doubles as a storage area. The captain's quarters are on the top of the mountain. Just below that is the lookout and cannon platform. Below that is the tavern then below that is the blacksmith's shop. There is a river which runs past. There is a dock for the traders to leave there boats. There is also a working crane which can spin 360 degrees. In the water are sharks, one even got a little something to eat already. Also there a crocodile hiding in the weeds waiting to pounce. There is a spider, a dog, a snake, a frog, and a scorpion too. Last but not least there is a parrot but he kinda made a mess. There are three groups of minfigures in this set. One is the pirates. Two is the blue coats. And three is the tribal guys who are sneaking up to attack the pirates and take back their sacred skull cave. 

Play Features:

  • Working crane that goes up, down, and all around.
  • Tree over the dock can swing back and forth so that it is easier to get in the smithy area/dock area.


  • A shark,a spider, a dog, a crocodile, a scorpion, a frog, a snake, and a parrot.
  • One row boat with paddles.
  • Fourteen minifigures.(three tribal guys, three blue coats, and eight pirates.)
  • Assorted minifigure accessories like swords, an axe, rifles, pistols, glasses, a ladle, a pot, treasure maps, jewels, bread, apples, a backpack, a hammer, a pickaxe, a bottle, a spear, a shield, a bow and arrow, dog bone, drumsticks, cherries, a carrot, torches, bombs, and an eye glass.
  • Two treasure chests and a large treasure trunk.

This is a project I built when i found my Lego from when I was a child and saw my old blue coats boat pieces. when I realized that I didn't have enough of the pieces to build the ship again I decided to build this. It was a blast to build. It really took me back to being a kid and building Lego for hours on the floor. Please support and share. Thank you

Thanks for the support. 

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