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Mirkwood River Battle

This set is from the iconic scene in The Desolation Of Smaug. It is when the dwarves ride down the river in Mirkwood just after escaping the wood elves. The set also comes with an orc who ambushes the dwarves at the water gate.

If he is in the barrel Dwalin can "float" down the river and fit under the bridge. I tried to keep the bridge tall enough to fit a barrel, but also not too tall in one place but not in the others.

This is an image of the closed gates that stop the dwarves just before the orcs attack. The gates can be opened and closed, also there is a little "lever" at the top of the bridge that you can move.

The set includes 3 mini-figures, Dwalin, a Gundabad orc, and a Mirkwood elf.

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