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The Goldsmith House



Creative project based on the sets "Black Falcon" as a tribute to the skill in the goldsmith’s art of my sister and her master, who reproducing many medieval jewels, were my source of inspiration for this set.
(This is not a collaborative project, but it only wants to be a tribute to an art)

Given also the absence of the "goldsmith" subject in the "medieval" environment among the LEGO sets, I decided to create a medieval goldsmith’s workshop.
In the medieval period, in fact, there were many workshops of master goldsmiths, who handed down their knowledge and their art to their children and choosing students.

Composition and idealization of the project:

- Ground floor: 
On the outside it is surrounded by nature, with the presence of mosses, a source of water that flows from a rock, mushrooms and flowers of various colors; on the back there are rocks, a pond and a small tree.
Inside the retaining walls are composed mainly of stones, some of which with moss and there is the presence of some wooden beams.
Also on the ground floor there are the furnace, necessary to dissolve the various precious metals, a source to cool them, various tools used in the craft: hammers, equipment and a work table, with the presence of raw metals and finished products.

- First floor: 
In the walls of the first floor the stone is covered with earth joined with wooden beams, typical architecture of the medieval period in central Europe.
It is also visible a decorated wooden staircase, a window sill, the owner’s bed and a domestic table.

- Roof:
The upper part of the house recalls a fantasy environment, referring to the "Black Falcon" series, through the typical chromatic scale from black to blue; in the upper and more exposed part there are tiles covered with moss.
Frontally stands out the fireplace, covered by a roof that recalls the color of the main one.

- Minifigures: 
The Queen, her guard, an apprentice and her master goldsmith are present, and a gold ring has been commissioned; the moment of delivery is represented.

If the project is to your liking, I kindly ask you to support it; I gladly accept comments and opinions, especially because, being my first project, it is the best way to improve even future ones.

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