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Calvin and Hobbes: The DuPLicaToR


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I loved reading Calvin and Hobbes all my childhood, so when I realised that I could make a project based around it, I jumped at the opportunity. I picked one of my favourite scenes from the comics, and tried to recreate it as a MOC, and I think I captured the essence of the scene quite well!

So, join Calvin as he and Hobbes duplicate himself, in order to get time off school and read comics and watch TV!

As well as the overall design, there are lots of references for big fans of the comics to pick up as well while building. A few being: Spaceman spiff's saucer, Stupendous man's cape, Hamster Hughie and the Gooey Kablooie and more!

Thank you for your support, and lets get to 10,000 Supporters!

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