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Revisit classic town, train, and space models from the past 40 years... Recreated in micro-scale, these models evoke the essence of such iconic sets as Main Street, Galaxy Explorer, Intercity Express, and the Santa Fe Super Chief. The micro system expansion continues with the addition of real-world trains and planes. Create a micro-scale wold of play and display... all on your desk or shelf.

Modular in construction, these micro/mini sets are appropriate for individual display, as well as an integrated, modular, expandable system, complete with road plates, train guideways, and airplane runways. They are compatible with the January 2012 release of the official LEGO(R) set 10230 "Mini Modulars", all based on multiples of the 8x8-stud footprint.

Embrace the legendary history of LEGOLAND(R) Town and Space in miniature!
Revive the past and create a new micro future.

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All models created 100% with LEGO Digital Designer(R) and the Design byME(R) (Pick-a-Brick(R)) palette as of December 2012.

CITYmicroSYSTEM: Recreation in micro-scale of classic LEGO(R) System town and train sets.

Add more to your microWORLD with original airplane creations.

The classic 12-volt trains re-imagined in micro-scale.
Additional train rail guideways can be connected to increase the length of the display train yard, or integrated into the microCITY roadway system.

Re-creations of classic LEGO(R) Space system sets from 1978 and 1979 in micro-scale.

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