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221 B Baker Street in a Book

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Description: "221 B Baker Street In A Book" is a reproduction of Sherlock Holmes' famous flat in a book.
  • The exterior is reproduced as it appears in the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
  • I used dark blue for the book to make the building stand out. The details on the book cover are gold-plated to add an atrractive touch to the book.
  • On the edge of the book you can see the name of the famous author (Arthur Conan Doyle). But also the title of the book ("The adventures of Sherlock Holmes") to extend the playing possibilities of the set as much as possible.
  • The ground in front of the building is an irregular paving on wich a carriage is running to take Sherlock Holmes and Watson where they are needed.

  • The interior of the flat is divided into 3 levels to reduce the thickness of the book.
  • The ground floor contains a small piece of furniture for writing and opening letters. There is also a library containing books on London and criminology, and Sherlock Holmes' scientific work table.
  • On the first floor is the dining room and the living room. There is an armchair in front of the fireplace and a pile of newspapers (this is where Sherlock Holmes settles down and thinks about investigations).
  • On the second floor are Sherlock Holmes' bedroom and Watson's bedroom. In Sherlock Holmes' bedroom you can see a violin and his make-up table (when Sherlock Holmes decides to change his appearance.

The set consists of 840 bricks of which 749 for the book 53 for the carriage and 38 for the display and the characters.

The characters: They are accompanied by a display stand to show them next to the book.
Sherlock Holmes is represented in the most common way, smoking a pipe.
Watson is represented with his costume, hat and doctor's case.

Thank you very much for looking at my product idea and thank you for following me here.

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