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"Blower" Bentley


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In the 1929 race at Le Mans, Sir Henry Birkin and Woolf Barnato, driving a "Blower" Bentley, led the race from start to finish. This iconic car had a rugged four-cylinder engine which pushed the car to go to speeds of up to 138 mph(220 km/h). The Blower Bentley's had a horsepower of 240 and a length of 14.6 ft(4.4 m). The Blower Bentley had a supercharger fitted onto the front which blew the exhaust gases back into the intake. Because of this, the car was called the "Blower" Bentley.

        When building my model of the Blower Bentley, I included many details. First, I included the supercharger between the two old-time looking headlights(you can see the supercharger removed from the car in my last photo). I also have included a rear-view mirror(seen between the two windshields), a spare wheel, a detailed interior with a steering wheel and room for four occupants. On the driver's side of the car, there is also the stick shift and a small gap that the driver would have used to reach the stick shift. At the rear of the car, I built a cloth canvas roof out of plates, tiles and slopes(on rainy days, the canvas was used to shield the occupants from the elements). The last stage of building my Blower Bentley was building fenders. For these, I used clips, hinges and slopes.

        Anyway, thank you so much for checking out my Lego model of the Blower Bentley race car! If you like this, then please support it, share it on social media, leave feedback about it and comment on it. I would love to hear if you like this model or not, what you have to say about it and what you think would make it better. Also, if you liked this idea, then you may like my other ones too. Please check them out! Thank you so much for your support!

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