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Portal to Magrathea


The Hitchkikers Guide to the Galaxy

After Athur Dent's home (the earth) has been destroyed by Vogons, for building an expressway, he and his friend Ford Prefect went through many adventures.

On the search for the question of life (the answer is 42) Arthur, Ford, Trillian, the intergalactic president Beeblebrox and Marvin the paranoid android, they found the portal to Magrathea on the ice planet Viltvodle VI. While Ford, Beeblbrox and Trillian meet "Deep Thought" on Magrathea, Arthur gets to know Slartibartfast, who is rebuilding the earth.

This sets includes the minifigures:

-Arthur Dent (with a cuple of tea)

-Ford Prefect (with a bag and the hitchhikerring)

-Beeblebrox (with the video-data about Magrathea)

-Trillian (holds the point-of-view-gun)

 -Marvin the paranoid android


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