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The Dwarves of the Hilly Havens

Welcome to the hall of the Dwarves of the Hilly Havens. This group of dwarves are the owners of the Hilly Havens port, and they enjoy the comforts and the work that that endeavor brings!
The three dwarves live in their hall with many luxuries such as a pelt carpet, a hanging map of their homelands, and heat is supplied through the chasms in the floor to the right and left of the comfortable throne that the oldest dwarf Argon sits on. The tree that helps support the sloping roof is seen throughout the entire build and adds a neat flourish. The roots of a bush hang from the roof as well. Behind the heating chasms there are also racks for tools.
This set is a fun active piece of art just waiting to be explored.
It comes with;
Three Dwarves,
The Hall
And many accessories.
By Dr. Edge.

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