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The Pants Freighter

The Pants Freighter is a spaceship that is used for transporting cargo. It sports a variety of hidden compartments for transporting more valuable items, though it has a cargo bay at the back. The design I'm submitting is the third version of it. The first version came about after I started experimenting with how certain pieces fit together. A few pieces evolved into a cockpit, which evolved into a spaceship, which kept evolving over time. I kept working on it because it fascinated me. The way I could incorporate all kinds of mechanical bits, hidden compartments, weapons that flipped out of the bottom of the ship, and more. I developed it when my family started using a stud-based currency. This involved paying different amounts of studs for specific pieces and builds. There were certain "crystal" pieces and other pieces (namely minifigure legs, hence the name "Pants Freighter") that were worth more studs. The freighter could "transport" many of these things at a time, allowing me to gain studs quickly. I think this would make a good LEGO set because it's fun to build, it is satisfyingly complex (though not complex enough to be too hard to build) and its clever setup manages to fit many cool details into its space.

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