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Purse & Pretend Play Beauty Kit

This project is a Lego purse with pretend play beauty kit. I built this project because I love to wear makeup and I store it in a purse. I thought it would be fun to build this in Lego form. This project includes the following: 
  • a white purse with removable top and a slot for money
  • a credit card, which can fit in the money slot inside the purse
  • a blue bottle of mascara
  • a blush palette with foldable lid
  • red lipstick
  • blue nail polish
  • an eyeshadow palette with closable lid that includes 10 different colors
  • perfume
  • two makeup brushes 
I believe that my project could become a great Lego set because lots of girls enjoy playing with makeup. Girls can use the purse to store whatever they wish. If girls aren't able to wear makeup the can pretend with this Lego project.