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Mississippi Adventures

Embark on the "Mark Twain", and sail on the famous Mississippi River ! Relive the charm of 19th century Louisiana with this magnificent set, including a sternwheelers; a fisherman's cabin with amenities; a camp and a raft. While the gentry take advantages of the many leisure activities offered by the cruise, the local hooligan watches the boat which descending the river, in search of goods to steal. The forest is full of secrets hiding places to hide the loot. However, with these children playing adventurers in the area, secrets will soon be discovered ...

Inspired by the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, emblematic characters from Mark Twain's novels, we tried to recreate several scenes inspired by this era. The architecture of the boat emanates from the eponymous attraction of DisneyLand. Everything is easily accessible for small hands, environments teem with details, hiding places and accessories to live multiple adventures !

This set was designed by two fans of lego who want to built an original set: Disneybrick55 and 120BRICK.

Enjoy this project !

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